Cappelli Consulting is a Black-owned firm working with states, cities, towns, nonprofits, and foundations to find solutions to their affordable housing, environmental, land use, and other public policy or programmatic challenges.

Founded in 2015, our team’s collective experience includes urban planning, housing development, policy advocacy, program implementation, nonprofit leadership, grant writing, grant making, GIS, financial modeling, facilitation, and research. Through thorough data analysis, deep subject-matter knowledge, immersive community engagement, and an orientation towards innovation, we structure our work to ensure each of our clients has the tools they need to turn crisis into opportunity, ideas into action, and their current ideals into their future reality.

A municipality is often judged by its skyline, population, and economy–but its character is determined by the wisdom of its policies, the strength of its communities, and the health of its natural environment. Together, we can create the cities, towns, and neighborhoods future generations deserve; and build programs and policies rooted in equity to ensure that they’re accessible for all.




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