We work on housing because of what it means

for the individual, what it means for community,

and what it means for our natural world.

We work on housing because of what it means for the individual, what it means for the community, and what it means for our natural world.

Our Capabilities

We begin each of our relationships with our clients by working to understand their specific needs within their unique context. We love to engage with new clients which allows us to constantly expand our understanding of the intersections between housing, local economies, the environment, and public health.

Our Work

Our goal is to help create the cities, towns, and neighborhoods future generations deserve. This work is propelled by programs and policies rooted in equity to ensure that these communities are accessible for all.

Our Team

We are urban and regional planners trying to understand and solve for the housing challenges in our communities. We pursue our work with diligence, intellectual curiosity, and a deep respect for the people we serve. We’re excited to get to know you. 

What housing can mean for the natural world

How and where we build our housing has a big impact on our environment and how we are able to relate to it. In urban areas, the placement and proximity of housing governs how we get around — either encouraging or precluding walking, biking or taking public transportation. This in turn leads to either positive or negative impacts on our air quality. In all areas, the placement of our homes can preserve or infringe on open space both within and around our communities.

What housing can mean for the community

Having a variety of housing options at a range of affordability levels is critical for a community to have a functioning economy. In places where the cost of housing outstrips local incomes, many businesses have to reduce their hours or close entirely because they can not find enough workers to maintain their trade. Creating and maintaining housing diversity is also critical for community relationships, by allowing people to be neighbors as well as people who work in the same town. Community building relies on opportunities for the local grocer to see the town clerk out on a walk on the weekend. If a majority of the employees in a community are commuting out at the end of the day, there are no “soft” or “accidentidental” interactions that help foster community connections.

What housing can mean for an individual or family

Having a safe, stable, and affordable home supports us as individuals and families in so many ways. In addition to providing basic shelter, it allows us a place to relax and rest so we have the mental, physical, and emotional capacity to address our other challenges and interests. It leaves us with enough resources to manage other aspects of our lives such as accessing food, medicine, and transportation. It can also be a tool to create wealth which can be passed on to future generations.